Welcome to USC Hyperloop!

Get Started

  1. Come to our Team Meetings on Wednesdays at 7pm in SLH 100!
  2. Sign up for the Team or apply for a Lead position at uschyperloop.com/join-us.
  3. Accept the invitation to our Slack site.  If you don't receive an invitation to join our Slack site within 24 hours of signing up, please send an email to hyperloopusc@gmail.com and request an invitation to join.
  4. Choose a Group that you're interested in working with.  Descriptions of each Group are included below.
  5. Contact the Group Lead and introduce yourself to the Group on Slack.  Each Group has a dedicated Slack channel (#group-"group_name") where you can address all the Group members.
  6. Access USC Hyperloop's Team Drive (our Google Drive account) HERE and read through any existing information on your Group.
    • Add Team Drive to your Gmail account (blue button at the top of the page once you access Team Drive)
  7. Add the USC Hyperloop Calendar to your usc.edu or gmail account
    • Click the +Google Calendar button at the bottom right of the USC Hyperloop calendar to add it to your account
    • The USC Hyperloop Calendar is also included at the bottom of this page.
  8. Choose a Project to work on.
    • Once you're established within your Group, you should have a clear idea of what they're responsible.  Normally it's best to choose one or two significant areas of focus for your time with USC Hyperloop.  Make sure to talk to your Group Lead to figure out what's best for you given you skills and experience.
  9. Request an account on TeamPlatform
    • We use TeamPlatform, a cloud-based PDM software (they sponsor us), for the majority of our official data storage and CAD collaboration.  If you're significantly involved in the team and/or are modeling in CAD, you should use TeamPlatform as your primary repository.
    • Please email hyperloopusc@gmail.com with "TeamPlatform Account Request" if you'd like to be added.

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