USC Hyperloop

The World's Leading University Hyperloop Team

USC Hyperloop unveiled its plans to compete in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition just one hour after the competition was announced, and we don't plan to cease our relentless commitment to a successful Hyperloop Pod any time soon.  

As of today, a team of over 30 engineers has made significant progress conducting preliminary research on Hyperloop technologies and establishing a prominent engineering design-build team at the University of Southern California.  Learn more about the team and our plans for the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition below.

Ahead of the Curve

USC Hyperloop has already garnered the interest of over 250 undergraduate and graduate students, established our leadership, and initiated competition projects. We are moving to test and build stages! Join the team, register for our mailing list, and follow the team on social media to track our efforts along the way.

Preparing for Success

Founded on the commitment to a better transportation future and a thirst for new and innovative engineering challenges, USC Hyperloop leaders are actively recruiting a group of students, faculty, and industry professionals to meet the unprecedented challenges of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition.

An Introduction to USC Hyperloop


Passion for hands-on engineering and commitment to the Hyperloop drive our group of engineers to do whatever it takes to conquer the engineering challenges of this competition.


USC Hyperloop draws from every engineering discipline at Viterbi to form one of the most well rounded and diverse design-build teams the University of Southern California has ever seen.


In addition to one of the best engineering educations in the country, USC Hyperloop members have the research, project, and employment experience to meet our demanding design and build objectives.



As die-hard software engineers, space enthusiasts, gear heads, tech junkies, and more, our devotion to a better and more exciting future is fundamental to our way of life and our plans for this team.



At the end of the day, we are all Trojans, and we champion the same spirit, curiosity, and prowess that's characteristic of the University of Southern California and its band of Trojans.  Fight on!



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